Joe Eversole – Negative Hype Media

Josiah F. Eversole, 1991-2018

He was more than a friend, he was my brother. He was a loyal and dedicated partner in business, and an encouraging fellow musician, who only ever had love to give. Joe never did any less than enliven and inspire those around him. I know he appreciated my friendship, but I still owed him more. He was one pillar of this life that will always hold me steady, even now that he has left. I love you bud, your life meant so much to so many, there was no time for all you had to offer. We’re all better because we knew you.


The first encounter I had with Joe, was while spending study hall in 8th grade in Mr. Busse’s classroom. I often hung out with Barry every free period I ha. One day I noticed a stack of poetry contest entries on his desk while he was occupied elsewhere for the moment. I casually thumbed through them, and stopped on one that grabbed my eye. It was the most beautiful arrangement of words I had ever read.  It was Joe’s poem.  I was quick to a kinship with him shortly after.  Some people, I’ve found in life, are especially capable of inspiring you, and that was Joe.