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Case study - Promoting music with Bing search ads

I  started up the bing search ads campaigns as a concept for an idea discussed in the comments. Bing search can generate the cheapest traffic in all likelihood and an arbitrage strategy will be loosely explored. This will be utilizing bulk keywords, and a partially click bait approach to the ad itself, for the sole purpose of generating the cheapest traffic possible via Bing search and yahoo search


You can see the bing results here

Since we are bidding on 5,000 keywords, its gonna take some time for it to hit with .02-.03 clicks, but still .04 isn’t bad, considering it is a relevant targeted list. I had accidentally left partner networks on lol so I fixed that and lets see what happens. I started a second campaign with the Youtube channel belonging to a fellow from here on Reddit who has consistently made an effort to watch and improve his Youtube channels presence and organic reach. For this one I duplicated the ad a few nearly identical ways, and used the same keywords. Note that the ad text is meant to be somewhat click-baity and open ended to entice the most clicks i.e. cheapest clicks. He is going to track the effect the traffic has on his channel on his end, to see if this is a feasible approach to building his Youtube presence. Here is a screenshot of the ads:


The Bing campaign screenshots can be viewed here

It seems the Bing platform is going to deliver clicks at .05 no matter what, and seeing as how thats the minimum allowable bid, the only way to work with this is to utilize a much more specific keyword list. The whole reason we are seeing clicks this cheap is due to the effectiveness of bulk keyword bidding, but in order to see more bang for our buck Im going to have to build somewhat bulk yet more specific lists for the ads, or make the ad text more specific and less click baity. I turned the budgets down to $1/day until I do so. I also need to review the analytics for the given youtube channels which the fellow working with me on this has provided for his. I will update when I do so with more talk on the raw metric trends and results.